November 1, 2012

Well Wishes for Our 35th!

There are thousands of Doris Day Animal Foundation supporters worldwide.  Doris Day counts many personal friends from her career as a singer and actress among them. Even decades after her retirement from the Hollywood limelight, Doris continues to inspire a new generation of singers, dancers and actors  -- not only with her films and recordings, but also through her dedication to the four-leggers. As DDAF embarks on its 35th Anniversary year, a few of our friends and supporters were... » Read more
October 12, 2012

Jacob Gets a Second Chance

We're excited to share the story of Jacob, one of DDAF's recent recipients of funds from our Duffy Day Lifesaving Program. Jacob, aka Burn Kitty, is a 7-month-old kitten who was caught in a house fire. The fire destroyed the family home and sent the family’s 3-year-old daughter to the hospital. Officers responding to the fire took Jacob to an emergency clinic where he received immediate medical attention for burns on all four feet, as well as for smoke inhalation. The following day, Jac... » Read more
August 10, 2010

Giving L.A. Pets Some Needed Shade

Doris Day Animal Foundation Gives LA Pets Some Needed Shade Los Angeles - The Los Angeles Parks Foundation today unveiled a new shade pavillion in Laurel Canyon Dog Park, a gift to the animals from Doris Day. Laurel Canyon Dog Park is well used by pets and their caregivers, but the location offers little respite from the Los Angeles sun.  Ms. Day's late son Terry lived nearby, and his own dogs often enjoyed the park. "Ms. Day couldn't think of a better gift for the years of joy this park... » Read more
June 1, 2012

Microchipping Information

Microchipping identifies your pet if it is ever lost and is as simple as a vaccination. For more information visit » Read more
May 24, 2012

Gabriel Finds His Angels

Gabriel could have been just one more old dog who appeared to be reaching his end. But with your help and DDAF's grant, Peppertree Rescue helped Gabriel want to live again. When he was picked up by New York City Animal Control in 2011 and placed in a kennel in the shelter, he was lethargic, unresponsive, and could not be induced to leave a spot that must have seemed restful after his days on the street. Perhaps 12 years old, nearly blind and hard of hearing, Gabriel had an eyelid cyst requiri... » Read more
May 25, 2012

Mama Thrown Off the Track?

Race Track Mama, a gorgeous young lady of 12 years, lived at Santa Anita Racetrack for many years, watched over by a Cat Posse volunteer. She had been spayed quite a while back after the group found homes for her litter of kittens, and the feral colony monitor made sure she was getting fed and that she was healthy. Recently however, they discovered “Mama” had been taken to the local Humane Society, and they had to bail her out. This was an excellent opportunity for some much-neede... » Read more
April 27, 2012

Going The Extra Mile For Animals

That’s Downtown Dog Rescue in Los Angeles, which focuses much of its efforts on area shelters with high kill rates. Radish, a 10-12 year old Chihuahua was scheduled for euthanasia with her kennel mate, Cookie, when one of the DDR volunteers spotted these senior four-leggers after receiving DDAF’s grant for seniors. After being diagnosed with kennel cough, which turned into pneumonia, Radish went on an IV immediately and when she finally began recuperating and eating a bit more, ... » Read more