Other Projects

Cincinnati Dog Park

Our grant enabled one of only two free dog parks in the Cincinnati area, Mt. Airy's Doris Day Dog Park, to get a number of upgrades, including new fencing and agility equipment.

Seniors for Seniors Program

Funding organizations across the nation that offer specific adoption programs to find homes for older, harder-to-place pets and/or help senior citizens with the costs of adopting and caring for their pets.

Smaller Organizations Nationwide

We strive to fund organizations that rescue animals from euthanasia or homelessness, providing veterinary care, spay/neuter, and humane treatment while searching for forever homes.  Some examples include:

Animals and Society Institute: DDAF assisted in printing and distributing the AniCare Model of Treatment for Animal Abuse manual.  The manual advances the status of animals in public policy and promotes the study of human-animal relationships and implementing programs to break the cycle between animal cruelty and other forms of violence.

Shelter for Abused Women and Children, Naples, FL: Funding for veterinary services and medication for pets of domestic volence victims.

Pet Food Pantries: Assistance to such organizations as Pet Pantry of Michigan and Doddridge County Petfood Pantry, WV to help low-income and senior citizens with pet food and supplies so they dont have to relinquish their pets in times of hardship.

Meals on Wheels: Providing pet meals in conjunction with daily meals for homebound elderly and disabled individuals through such organizations as Meals on Wheels of the Monterey Peninsula and Meals on Wheels of Stark and Wayne Counties, OH.
Hospice Programs: Our grant for Hospice with a Heart in Iowa provided for emergency needs of patients’ pets and funded training for volunteer pets and their guardians as pet therapy teams to provide the warmth and unconditional love of therapy dogs for dying patients and family members.   Another grant funded the Pet Peace of Mind program at Hospice of Green Country, OK, helping with food, veterinary care and other necessities for terminally ill patients’ pets, which are often adopted by hospice staff when the patient passes. 
Pet Orphans, Los Angeles, CA: Funded education program for low-income students to teach them about companion animal welfare, including “Kindness to Animals and Dog Bite Prevention” coloring books for pre-K – 3rd grade students.  Also funded their “Good Samaritan Program” assisting low-income, senior, elderly and disabled citizens with a portion of their pets’ emergency medical care costs.

Parks Legacy Projects: Funding to the Los Angeles Parks Foundation for a shade pavilion at a local city dog park and to the Cincinnati Parks Foundation for upgrades to the newly named Mt. Airy Forest - Doris Day Dog Park.
Motion Picture & Television FundGrant assisted MPTF’s Pet Care Fund, which pays for veterinary, food and other pet-related expenses for seniors who would otherwise not be able to care for and keep their pets.
Society of Singers - Assisted qualified, financially-needy singers whose circumstances not only affected their health and day-to-day living, but the long-term support system for their pets.