July 15, 2020

Doris Day Animal Foundation Gives $20,000 Grant to Chimpanzees in Need Campaign

The Doris Day Animal Foundation is pleased to announce a $20,000 grant to the Chimpanzees in Need Campaign, a collaboration between the non-profit 7th Generation Advisors and North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance, to care for and re-home 32 chimpanzees from the now-closed Wildlife Waystation in Southern California. 

Since 1976, Wildlife Waystation, located in the mountains of Sylmar in northern Los Angeles County, was a rehabilitation center and refuge to almost 500 wild animals, ranging from small birds to big cats. Among these was a large population of chimpanzees, primarily rescued from biomedical research. In 2019, Wildlife Waystation closed its doors following two major evacuations from recent wildfires in which the property was partially damaged and mounting facility upgrade expenses. The animals have been relocated to accredited sanctuaries around the country. However 32 of the original 42 chimpanzees (nine have already been relocated; one passed away of old age) remain at the Waystation under the temporary care of California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Four of the receiving sanctuaries are making preparations for the chimpanzees' arrival, a costly undertaking that could take a year or more.

NAPSA’s program director, Erika Fleury, noted, “They have all found their way to the Waystation because humans relied on them for something. Now, they are relying on us, and it is up to us to save them.”

“Doris Day always advocated against animal suffering in research laboratories, and these chimpanzees have sacrificed so much for us,” said Dr. Bob Bashara, CEO of Doris Day Animal Foundation. In 2002, DDAF’s sister organization, Doris Day Animal League, helped fund a major rescue and relocation effort by Save the Chimps, Inc. when 266 chimpanzees were rescued from their cruel lives as biomedical research subjects following the bankruptcy of the notorious Coulston Foundation amidst numerous egregious animal welfare violations.

“When we heard there was an urgent need for funding to provide for these wonderful chimpanzees -- including some the Wildlife Waystation took in as they were about to be transferred to The Coulston Foundation laboratories from another testing facility in 199 -- we knew we had to help take care of them,” Bashara said. The Doris Day Animal Foundation grant will assist in providing food and medical care for the chimpanzees while they await transport at the Wildlife Waystation.

Donations to help support grants such as this may be made to the Doris Day Animal Foundation at ddaf.org/donate.

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