August 12, 2013

Rose Marie's Special Birthday Gift to DDAF

We at the Doris Day Animal Foundation are very excited about Doris' great friend Rose Marie's upcoming 90th birthday! August 15 is the Big Day, and as a ramp-up to the celebration, Rose Marie has been encouraging her fans and friends to send donations to DDAF!

Here's what our founder had to say about Rose Marie:

I am so thrilled to be part of celebrating my friend Rose Marie's 90th birthday. We had great fun working on the set of my television show. In fact, I've never had so much fun working, if you can call it that.  We laughed all the time, sometimes much to the dismay of our director. But then, he would laugh, too.  It was then that I learned of Rose Marie's great love for animals.  She is a real pal and I love her dearly.  I couldn't be more pleased that her fans want to honor her birthday by making donations to the Doris Day Animal Foundation.  Please know your donation will be put to good use in Rose Marie's name.

Won't you show your support of this lovely lady - and her devotion to the four-leggers - by contributing a special birthday gift today?

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