Alley Cat Rescue

Formed in 1997 by Louise Holton, Alley Cat Rescue is a more hands-on group than her earlier nonprofit, Alley Cat Allies. ACR works with feral cats, providing adoption services to about 250 cats per year. They have established a Cat Action Team network among trappers, veterinarians, and other volunteers to provide education and assistance to new trappers across the country, in addition to their feral hotline that provides education and resources to hundreds of individuals and rescuers every week. Their low cost spay/neuter clinic provides services to low-income residents of DC, MD and VA. The group organized Feral Cat Spay Day on May 27, 2010, to encourage veterinarian clinics to provide low cost surgeries for ferals; and by 2014, over 700 clinics had provided surgeries to over 9000 feral cats. They are also working with spay / neuter services in Mexico and South Africa. An award-winning adjunct to their feral initiatives is the “bible” of those who are working with ferals, Alley Cat Rescue’s Guide for Managing Community Cats. The handbook will be sold / distributed as needed in their work with the cat action teams and others.