Animal Haus

The Animal Haus believes that pets are family and they know how difficult it would be to find one's self in a situation where they may temporarily need help to care for their pets – and not be able to find that help. The thought of relinquishing a pet is heart-wrenching. The notion of no longer being able to care for them, even momentarily, can be worrisome; the idea of leaving them behind can be unbearable. Sometimes a pet is the only family that a person may have and Animal Haus wants to support that bond.

Animal Haus was founded in December 2011, and received official 501c3 tax exempt status in December 2012. Animal Haus began operating immediately after that acknowledgement and in its first full year of providing food, 2013, they provided over 10,000 pounds of food! Animal Haus is managed completely by volunteers who donate their time and energy to support their mission, working to keep pets in their homes and with the families that love them.

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