River City Community Animal Hospital

Based in Jacksonville, Fla.,, River City Community Animal Hospital is a mobile and non-profit spay and neuter facility that travels throughout northeast Florida and Southeastern Georgia, visiting different communities on a rotating basis, providing lower-fee spay and neuter services for everyone.

Their mission has never been to compete with or to replace the relationship with a family veterinarian. In an ideal world, they believe all pet owners would have a close relationship with a family veterinarian, and all pets would receive the best care modern medicine and surgery can offer. However, in the real world, many people either cannot afford this care, or simply do not prioritize it. All pets deserve the best and all deserve to live happy and healthy lives. River City COmmunity Animal Hospital hopes and certainly encourages all its clients to establish a relationship with a veterinarian of their choice for the life of their pet. There is no substitute for good medical care, and only a licensed veterinary medical doctor can provide this in the best-educated and most humane way.

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